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Карта Warcraft 3: Monster Master RPG v0.36b

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Карта Warcraft 3: Monster Master RPG v0.36b
[ · Скачать () ] 19.06.2009, 01:19
# Автор карты: Robbepop
# Жанр: Role Playing Game/RPG
# Версия: 0.36b
# Язык: Английский
# Кол-во игроков: 10
# Поддержка компьютера: нет
# Размер: 256x256
# Ландшафт: Cityscape

Прикольная карта от 17 июня 2009 года, в категории Role Playing Game/RPG, для десяти игроков. Интересный ландшафт, консольные команды.
Changelog v0.36b.


-Fixed the Staff of Lightning bug by changing how the spell is working.
-Fixed a bug in the AntiAfkSys and recoded it a lil bit.
-Fixed a bug, that sometimes enemies massed in dungeons. (for example in front of a gate)
-Monster Master was able to equip some "only monsters" items - fixed.
-Fixed a bug, that players lost gold when they got killed in the PvP arena.
-Cloud Fog didn't cause enemies to miss on their attacks.
-Monsters with Reincarnation wont get removed from the game now, when they die while reincarnation isn't ready.
-Critical Strikes from items never triggered - fixed.
-Megamagic was able to destroy trees, which could cause other bugs - fixed.
-PvC Enemys often didn't attack your monster master - fixed.
-Fixed a huge bug in the Fusionsystem, where a wrong monster was removed instead of the fused one in fusions with 2 different players.
-Fixed a bug, that monster had no abilities, when they were caught above level 1.
-Earth Guardian was shown as T2, but it was T3.
-Fixed a tooltipbug from Poison Strike.
-Added manacost to teleporter. (staff)
-Wisp had a melee attack, but should be ranged - fixed.
-Fixed a bug, where the Itemdropmessage said that a fusionscroll dropped, when a specialitem dropped instead.
-Increased the distance from a portal when you enter a new dungeon.
-It was possible to go through the closed PvC-Arena door - fixed.
-Mega Drac had no projectile - fixed.
-Added an error message, when loading with an old code. (also some Errors didn't worked right)
-Added some error messages for "-new"; for example when you try to repick while fighting in the arena.
-Fixed some bugstates.
-Fixed a tooltipbug in the "Drac Lord" fusionscroll.
-Fixed a bug that True Sight did not have any level conditions.
-Fixed a bug that Corruption Aura did not have any level conditions.


-Decreased Loadingtime and improved game performance a bit by changing how the ability learn system works for enemy creeps.
-Recoded the whole teleport triggers and added a few features to them. (GUI -> JASS)
-Recoded the Fusionsystem a bit - now items from "parents" will go into the inventory of the result monster on will be layn down to its feet.
-Recoded some other Triggers from GUI to Jass.
-Added a max loadcount: Players now have got 5 tries to load their heroes.


-Increased size of dungeon #6 a bit.
-Increased size of dungeon #7 a bit.
-Imrproved the portalrooms "terrain" a bit and made the missing numbers for the next dungeons.
-Remade a few interface options.
-Added a new imported icon to Burning Treant. (selfmade)
-Added a new imported icon to Frost Treant. (selfmade)
-F9-Log completly remade.


-Added 4 brand new ?-monsters.
-Added 7 brand new T4 monsters.
-Added a new Multiboard, which give a great overview about the players and their teams.
-Monsters now learn their stage 4 abilities with a min fusionlevel of 40 instead of 50. (they also need to be lvl 30)
-Greater bosses now give more gold, when you kill them.
-2 neu Dungeons! (#9 and #10)
-New PvC-Arena fights. (20 total)
-A new command: "-swapxy" which allows the player to swap the monster data with the data from a court slot.
-Remade the fusionlevel requirements for T4 and ?-Monsters.
-Increased the attack damage from monsters with higher tiers. (+2 dmg / tier)
-Monsters in higher tiers get a hp and mana bonus now.
-The command "-mi" now also shows the Fl of all monsters.
-Monstermaster now revive after 30 seconds instead of 45 seconds.
-Now, only players, who are in the Dungeon get the gold and the message, when a boss is killed.
-Added a new Ability: Stomp


-Balanced the price of some staffs.
-All mana potions now cost 5 mana to cast.
-Increased the bonus damage from Inner Fire.
-Increased the bonus damage from Damage Aura and made the value non-%.
-Rebalanced the price of some Monster Master items.
-Rebalanced heal value of Spell: "Healing Wave"
-Flying Dutchman now has got new abilities.
-Greatly improved True Sight.


-Made the 7 missing Fusionscrolls for the ?-monster t4 fusions.
-Added 12 brand new Fusionscrolls for the new monsters.

I had a huge data lost. So the work for the new version took longer and i had to recreate much stuff.
Please report all bugs to me, so that we can make MM RPG an awesome and bugfree game! :D

Категория: RPG | Добавил: | Автор: bogdan
Просмотров: 5867 | Загрузок: 1659 | Рейтинг: 3.0/1 |
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