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Форум » Разное » Архив тем » Rules and registr on tournament BlliZgaming solo league 1x1 ((English translation))
Rules and registr on tournament BlliZgaming solo league 1x1
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А ты, хочешь попасть в PLeX 3D?
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Tournament will be spent to systems of a group stage and after an exit in play-off.
All matches will pass on days off except play-off.
There will be two groups on 30 persons. Each player will play with each player in group on two rounds. Round will include one game.
In Play-off leaves on 8 first players in each group. 1 place will play with 8, 2 with 6, 3 with 4.
In Play-off you will play games to three victories. Players who have passed, I will play for 3\2 a place and accordingly for 1\2. Firm T-shirts of tournament from them nick-name will be sent first three places, and the prize in the sum of 2 500 roubles/100$ will be sent the winner!
Players, having passed in Play-off, will be invited in a clan.
Registration on tournament.
The demand form:
1) The Name. «Nick on GGC» the surname.
2) Race
3) The Clan.
4) Skype (necessarily)/ICQ
5) Whether you agree with rules?
6) Your wishes.
Tournament rules.
1.) You should carry out rules of tournament and listen to organizers \administration \judges of tournament.
1.1. At not performance of actions told from organizers \administrations \judges to you, you can act in film from tournament.
1.2. At not observance of an order or conditions put by organizers \administration \judges you can act in film from tournament.
2.) carrying out time should be observed, if you do not come by appointed time during a floor - hour automatic defeat will be put you.
2.1. After the end of the first match you can take one Time-out which will proceed within 10 minutes. If you are afk and after 10 minutes you are not to the beginning of the second match you awake are disqualified.
2.2. If Time-out during game the opponent or the judge proceeds more than 5 minutes can remove a pause and continue game. If the judge is not present at game, in that case you should bowl off exactly in 7 minutes after the player was 5 minutes afk, but to send replay personally to the judge or the organizer of tournament.
3.) Addition replay should be made by the winner of all 2\3 matches. (The first 1\2 a match both for you yet do not know who will win should keep).
3.1. Registration replay should be standard. At not correct addition replay you should change this round if you object during what time you will be removed from tournament and your lost opponent will be redirected to the following round.
3.2. Форам additions replay:
(The player 1) Vs (the Player 2)
1\2\3 a match from 2\3
Tournament: (the tournament Name).
Card: (the card Name).
Patch: 1.24.
(The player 1): (Colour), (APM), (Actions).
(The player 2): (Colour), (APM), (Actions).
The winner: (the Player 1\2)
Leave_plz Vs Shade.
1 match from 3.
Tournament: Wc3 summer league 1x1.
Cards: Echo Isles.
Patch: 1.24
Leave_plz: Colour: Red, APM: 147, actions: 2148.
Shade: Colour: Yellow, APM: 258, actions: 2690.
The winner: Shade.
(APM and how many actions the player has made, you can look through the master replay which you can download at us here: (reference).
4.0. If you do not observe other rules, you will be disqualified:
4.1. If you want to leave round you should pay indemnification in the sum of 200 rubles / 7$ or you will be banned on a site and any more can take part in other tournaments + other organizers in the future will are informed on your history.
4.2. A floor-mat.
4.3. Провоцирование the opponent before game.
4.4. Map hack. (For map hack you will be not only are disqualified from this tournament, but also cannot accept participation in the subsequent tournaments.)
4.5. The insult of the opponent will be punished by one lose in round.
(Rules will be supplemented to their perfection.)
Good luck.;)

***If transfer was not the best I ask us to excuse for this misunderstanding.

Here you can be registered and familiarise with rules only. For a question and it is simple comments: http://wc3.3dn.ru/forum/77-809-1

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Форум » Разное » Архив тем » Rules and registr on tournament BlliZgaming solo league 1x1 ((English translation))
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